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Birthdate:Apr 16
Location:United States of America

Misu: \ MEE-sooh \ , noun;
1. A young person who's tastes are a little off, who's obsessions are a little odd, and who loves what most do not wish to love. Rats, bats, haunted houses and broken dolls all find a home in their heart. Tattered lace, old dusty books, and chipped tea cups make them swoon. Can also eat their weight in pumpkin pastries. Feels alive in the falling leaves, and loves how the crisp winter air feels. Goes insane for the scents of pumpkins, apples, and mulling spices.
2. A devoted, loyal friend, if given a chance to be one.
Misu loves a good cautionary tale, finds beauty in the darker things in life, but also has a soft spot for the lighthearted and quirky. Adores old churches and libraries, and can forget the world around them when their nose is in a book. Loves sympathetic villains, Yankee candles, and their family. Butterflies stop them in their tracks, and red and gold roses are a terrible weakness. Thinks flea markets are the best, drinks crisp cider, eats local produce with a passion and loves spending time in the kitchen. Believes that happiness has to be found in the darkest times, and that love always finds a way.
Misu finds nothing as sweet as the feel of a rat curled up on a shoulder, loves children and babies, thinks that family is the most important thing you can have. And that includes friends so close that blood doesn't keep them from being family. Loving and protective, a bit nervous, but always willing to come through for those they loves. Never forgets a good deed done, or a bad one for that matter. Always enjoys surprising people with little gifts. Believes that the loved ones we lose are always with us, somehow. And always looks for signs of good in a world that's often cruel.

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